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R package for simulating and fitting semiparametric shared frailty models.

Privacy tool that makes keystroke biometrics less effective, obfuscates typing behavior at the device level.

Python package that implements the partially observed hidden Markov model

Moodle BioAuth plugin
Plugin for capturing keystrokes in a web browser and authenticating test takers on Moodle. [pdf]

Moodle Competition plugin
A Kaggle-like plugin for Moodle that allows users to participate in data classification competitions.

Dichotomy classifier
A set of scripts for obtaining authentication results with a dichotomy kNN classifier.

Keystroke feature extractor
A set of scripts for extracting features from keystroke data.

Android BioKeyboard
Custom Android keyboard that captures touchscreen keystrokes from the user and is able to transmit the data back to a server.

Behavioral Biometrics Logger
A Java logger that captures events system-wide by registering operating system hooks. Designed to be cross-platform and able to be web-launched from a browser and transmit the data back to a server.