Public keystroke dynamics datasets

This is list of publicly available keystroke datasets. I also have a number of keystroke datasets available.

CMU Keystroke Dynamics – Benchmark Data Set
51 users typing the password (.tie5Roanl)

CMU Free vs. Transcribed Text
20 users free and transcribed text

Keystroke Dynamics – Android platform
42 users typing the password (.tie5Roanl) on a mobile device

BeiHang Keystroke Dynamics Database
209 users typing various passwords

BioChaves Keystroke Databases
47 users typing four words

Keystroke100 Dataset
100 users typing a password (try4-mbs) on a pressure-sensitive keyboard

GREYC Keystroke Datasets
There are 3 different datasets available:

RHU KeyStroke Dynamics Benchmark Dataset
51 users typing the password ( on a mobile device

CITEFA Keystroke Dynamics Dataset (broken link)
63 users typing copying literature text

ATVS-Keystroke DB (available upon request)
63 users typing their personal information

LSIA Keystroke Dynamics keypress latency dataset
Physicians typing patient summaries over 1 week

Stonybrook Keystroke Patterns as Prosody in Digital Writings
196 users typing free text

Keystroke acoustics, video, and timings (available upon request)
81 users typing fixed and free text

Detecting Age Groups using Keystroke Dynamics
100 users typing fixed text

How We Type
30 users typing various inputs with motion capture, eye tracking, and video

MOBIKEY Keystroke Dynamics Password Database
54 users typing easy and strong passwords on a mobile device

50 users chatting with an unknown operator